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"What can we say except that we are now "given to extremes of pleasure." Wow! Nice job fellas, we couldn't be happier about your new product. Perhaps one day you'll tell us all how you did it. We were so pleased to see that someone out there has the level of integrity and decency that you demonstrated with us. We appreciate the level of quality and service that you have shown us with every step of the way."
- One Very Happy Customer
December 14, 2005

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Why did you name it Firefly®?
Did you know that Fireflies mate based on the signaling of light from their abdomens. It tells them who is the right mate for them. Not only that, but the male actually chases the female based on the intensity of light and the frequency of her signaling. It's a sort of mating call.

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"Just 7 days after ordering and I live in NZ!" - Five Star Customer
"Hi, I recieved the product just 7 days after ordering and I live in NZ! Great service. Thanks and the product is wonderful, even better than expected! - January 16, 2006

"Firefly has changed our minds" - From Mount Shasta, CA
WOW! We have been using another all natural lubricant of which we swore we would never use anything else, but Firefly has changed our minds. Firefly® is the lube that does it all. [It] is even a wonderful massage oil as it really nourishes the skin. Thank you for developing this product, you have a customer for life." - December 17, 2005

"This is sensory dynamite!"
- Orange Country, CA , December 12, 2005

"Sex again after my surgery"
“My husband and I wanted to thank you for your superb product. We thought we’d never be able to have sex again after my surgery and now we have never had greater results with a lubricant than with your excellent Firefly®. Thank you so much for making this great product available to the public. We wish you many years of success in your venture.” -  Best regards, A Very Satisfied Customer of Yours

"Without all the heavy chemical smells"
“When I began looking for a lubricant, I wanted one without all the heavy chemical smells and medicinal taste. Firefly® has a great taste without the drawbacks of propylene glycol and silicone.” - Monterey, CA, December, 2005

"The Next Level of Pleasure"
"I'm ready for the next level of pleasure. Now that you have gotten me to experience the best of the best, what's left to do but do it over and over and over again. Thank you for making Firefly®. Where would I be without it."
- Signed, "Buy the Best before you go to Bed" - November 30, 2005

"Loads off my Shoulders"
We think your new product rocks! That's coming from a wife with two children who has little time for sex anymore. But when I do, I can't tell you what loads it takes off my shoulders. Thank you for making such a fine product like this. We have never had more fun in bed. It just feels so good." - Non Stop Fun Mom, December 13, 2005

Reviews for our previous product "Nude"

"Thumbs Up!" - Editor, Playboy Magazine, December 2004

"This is our third order"
"By the way, this will be our third order and we couldn't be more satisfied. I hope sales are good and you will be around for a long time." - Repeat Customers Say Allot, 10-29-05

"my body does love it"
A Satisfied Customer, Virginia, USA
"Hi, I've received my order of NUDE™ from you last week and it is the ultimate. I've used it twice - feels sublime, my body does love it! It gives me hope! I've just placed an order. I love that NUDE is unscented and feels so clean, not greasy ... it feels like it belongs. The world will be a better place." — January 18, 2004

"Do you know when you will have more of your product available. We have ordered before and nothing works like your product. Thanks for the reply."
- Satisfied Customer, November 24, 2005

"Just wanted to tell you how much i love your product."
"I have been meaning to write you for some time -- but in my last year of school, it took some time for me to actually take advantage of the product. What I can tell you is my last bottle of Nude will now be used like gold since it has been discontinued... Nude is a damn good product and I would use it for years to come (and if you made a latex-friendly product, I would line up for that one, too)".
- New York Joy, October 30, 2005

"Thumbs up from a guy", September 16, 2003
I just wanted to tell you that I think Nude is a great, great product. The word will spread. I can see why there is a buzz about your product. So, thumbs up from a guy!

"Nude lubricant is better than any other lubricant product. The liquid provides for enhanced pleasure and no messy or sticky clean up. I could not be happier. Also, the people with Applied Organics are very helpful and I could not be more satisfied." - Satisfied Customer, October, 2005

"My gynecologist Recommended"
"My gynecologist recommended Nude lubricant, and I'm very happy to see there is something natural, safe, and organic!!!!. Thank you so much for making this product!"
- Safe and Happy Customer, October, 2005

"MAN-O-MAN", Marty@Sediva, Weed, CA, November 25, 2003
You have a hit on your hands...MAN-O-MAN, that's great! :) Thanks for a great product Buddy.

"Health oriented and label conscious"
John S. from San Francisco, CA
"It's hard to find a skin lubricant or cosmetic without silicone, propylene glycol and glycerin in it. The experience with them is minimally pleasant with a very unpleasant finish. Especially the ones with propylene glycol in them. Not only are they unpleasant but very unsafe. For those of us who are more health oriented and label conscious, you offer a good alternative that we can feel great about using. Thank you for finally creating something that we can enjoy every step of the way.

"Hi Buddy, It's been a long wait, but I bet I speak for many customers when I say that you've got a great product" - Happy Customer, September 2005

 "I've never used a lubricant before but have now become addicted to Nude!!  Thanks for your help!" - A Satisfied Customer, September, 2005

"Thanks for such a wonderful product!!!! I received a free mini sample with a recent order and I was thrilled to see that someone makes earth-friendly/conscious products. I stay away from commercial products because they cause me too much skin irritation, but now I don't have to worry about what I'm putting on and IN my body, cause I know that it's healthy. Best of all, your product really feels nice on the skin, provides the right amount of slick, doesn't burn and provides moisture. It's about time that someone made a product like 'Nude.' Thanks again so much... I will definitely be a regular customer. (P.S. I am a nutritional consultant, and I recently had several women ask me about natural lubrication----before I got your product I was stumped, now I can tell them all about Nude.)"
Best Regards, ~ A VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER, August 16, 2005

"A GREAT product!"
March 5, 2004 by A Sediva Customer
We tried our first bottle of Nude the other day and we absolutely LOVE IT! It doesn't dry out like other lubes we have tried. I'm very sensitive to perfumes and this lube does not seem to have any. It does have a slight smell and taste to it, but it doesn't bother me at all and it smells "natural" - if that makes any sense. It's much more viscous than most of the other lubes we have tried. You can pour a little in your palm and it doesn't run all over the place, it stays where you put it. My husband and I give this lube "two nipples up", we like it.
"You may want to sign on to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics - your excellent product definitely fits the campaign agenda...Well done on a great product." - September 4, 2005

"Please stay in business"
"Mr. Sir, Thank you for your quick response and your more than fair compensation. My wife and I have found your product to be the best on the market. She has experienced a skin reaction to other over the shelf products and we have never had any problems with your product. We will certainly continue to be repeat customers and will order another container in the near future. Please stay in business send us updates on new products."
- One of our Favorite Customers, August 28, 2005

"Best in My Experience"
March 31, 2004 by New Yorker
I've tried them all, and so should you! But none of them beat this one. Nude™ has the right mix of staying power without any residual stickiness or desensitization experienced with silicone based lubricants.
"The Best!"
April 8, 2004 by A Sediva Customer
I have chronic yeast problems and Nude is fantastic, as it never irritates or burns me! Also it is the best lubricant, too--very smooth and long-lasting. And I have tried everything.
"This is truly a superior product."
"This is truly a superior product. My wife has always been extremely sensitive to most any product that is used internally. We use no latex, glycerine, etc. She was reluctant to use Nude at first because the infections she had experienced in the past would be hard to get rid of. But after several months of using this great product she has had absolutely no problems. And it is worth noting that when Nude lubricant combines with her natural body lubricant, the two enhance each other and the world gets downright slippery, sensual...and on some nights, potentially seismic. It works well with pyrex "toys" as well as the Naturalamb condoms by Trojan. We eat organic, support the organic industry on all levels and encourage anyone who is considering this product to go for it! It's worth the $20.00, and after six months we still have half of a bottle." - Happy Customers Live Well Together, June 16, 2005

"A Natural Solution for Natural Acts"
June 24, 2004 by A Satisfied Customer
This is a truly amazing product. What's more amazing is that the continuation of quality skin-care ingredients in a personal lubricant is the exception in today's market, and not the rule. From start to finish, this is the best product available. A light, pleasant smell, none of the sting and stickiness of glycerin or petroleum products, and real therapy for your skin, during and after the "event." A natural solution for natural acts. Think of all the money you probably spend on expensive skin care products for your face and body. Why should you ruin it with an unnatural and irritating personal lubricant? Why should you treat the most sensitive and intimate parts of your body with less respect than other parts? Thank you for offering this great product!
February 1, 2005 by A Satisfied Customer
"The Best! "
For years, wife and I had been searching for a product that would meet both of our needs. Finally, we found it!!! - September 23, 2005 by a Satisfied Customer


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